Leading a multidisciplinary team, we take care of all what you need to design and build your home. 

We have a large experience on the building construction process dealing with third persons, other professionals and official bodies to help you to complete the home you have always dreamed of.   

Our Studio is mainly linked to private residential architecture. We have projects in such diverse countries as Spain, Sudan, Bulgaria or Costa Rica.

Architecture Services

  • Writing of Building Projects and Construction Management
  • New construction, rehabilitation, extensions and refurbishments.
  • Single Family, Multifamily housing
  • Industrial and commercial buildings
  • Offices 

Other Services

  • Technical reports, opinions and technical certificates.
  • CEE- Energy Efficiency Certificate
  • ITE- Technical Building Inspection.
  • Project Management.
  • Expertise and Valuations.
  • Pre-sale building review.
  • Pre-purchase advice plot / property
  • Technical consulting.
  • Safety and Health.
  • Waste Management Study.